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New Subscribe Button is Succesful

 Hi Everyone, finally The Boreka Diary has made a full transition to a blog within the The Global Jewish Kitchen, my web site.  If you go The Global Jewish Kitchen and click on The Boreka Diary tab the site will come up.. If you hit the subscribe button  you will put your email address on a list that receives an email everytime I make a new Post.  If you are a subscriber or commentor on The Boreka Diary please switch to the new site and make your comments on the new site.  I am in the process of transfering over all the comments from this blog to the new site.  I do not sell anything.  I do not sell my subscriber list.  This is just for fun, Recipes, memories, and connecting.  Thanks for all of your attention I really love to read all your stories and comments.  Lets continue to cook together.  Regards Linda 

PS this site will stay up for a month or two.

More about Blog Update

By the way, I  just wanted to assure you all that the wordpress blog will stay up for several months yet and I promise to update both sites.  The new site is up today, but it still has some problems that I am trying to fix.  So until its perfect, I won’t abandon the wordpress site.  Linda

Improvements Comming

I have been trying to upgrade this blog for a while.  I think tomorrow we will finally make the jump to  and be able to drop the wordpress in the URL.  You wll be able to access the blog through my web site as well.  Please be patient with me for a couple of days as I am sure there are glitches that will develop.  Please hit the subscribe button again so you continue to receive notice of new posts via email.  Thanks and I appreciate all of your support in this culinary journey.

Challah Baking Video

Homemade Challah with Honey

Sukkot 09 026

Challah is the quintessential Jewish Sabbath and holiday bread.  Bread baked from the staff of life has a spiritual essence that affirms our connection to the earth’s harvest and sustains us.  This Challah is sweet and moist.  It has a long stranded texture, Continue reading

Folares for Purim

Purim 2010 will begin with the Megillah reading on Saturday night February 27.  Every year at the first signs of spring, I get a tickle up the back of my neck telling me Continue reading