New Subscribe Button is Succesful

 Hi Everyone, finally The Boreka Diary has made a full transition to a blog within the The Global Jewish Kitchen, my web site.  If you go The Global Jewish Kitchen and click on The Boreka Diary tab the site will come up.. If you hit the subscribe button  you will put your email address on a list that receives an email everytime I make a new Post.  If you are a subscriber or commentor on The Boreka Diary please switch to the new site and make your comments on the new site.  I am in the process of transfering over all the comments from this blog to the new site.  I do not sell anything.  I do not sell my subscriber list.  This is just for fun, Recipes, memories, and connecting.  Thanks for all of your attention I really love to read all your stories and comments.  Lets continue to cook together.  Regards Linda 

PS this site will stay up for a month or two.

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