Improvements Comming

I have been trying to upgrade this blog for a while.  I think tomorrow we will finally make the jump to  and be able to drop the wordpress in the URL.  You wll be able to access the blog through my web site as well.  Please be patient with me for a couple of days as I am sure there are glitches that will develop.  Please hit the subscribe button again so you continue to receive notice of new posts via email.  Thanks and I appreciate all of your support in this culinary journey.

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  1. Thank you for the update! I just found your blog recently and I was so impressed with what you can do with this free service from WordPress. Can I ask why you are moving to a website and it that is simply an upgrade with WordPress or not? I am looking ot start a family blog with them soon and I’m curious about your decision and any info you might have!

    By the way – that was the best challah demo I have ever seen.

    many thanks

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